6th Annual 4XKIDS Day at

Bradford Woods/Camp Riley - 2008


By Sandy Dryden, On the Trail


What is the best thing you have ever done in your 4x4?

According to one participant at 4XKids Day, it’s not rock

crawling or conquering the steepest hill, it’s giving the kids

rides at Camp Riley. It’s a simple trail ride but the kids look

forward to it from one year to the next. This year about 40 IFWDA members gathered with their vehicles at Camp Riley to participate in the 6th Annual 4xKids Day. The weather was perfect and a little advanced planning and

organization made the day a great experience for both kids and drivers.


After a drivers meeting to explain the course and a few words from the camp director, we headed off to do a pre-run to learn the course. As we drove, we noticed a lot of damage from the recent rains. In fact, one of the trails that went down to the water and teepee was off limits this year because of this. We finished back at the loading area and the kids were ready and waiting. They did a few camp songs for us, which included “You Can’t Ride in My Little Red Wagon (Jeep) The Front Wheel’s Broken and The Axle’s Draggin”. While we’ve all had those days on the trails, all the drivers were ready to go and all the vehicles looked shiny and bright. Then over the PA system came the words “Drivers, start your engines”. It sounded like we were ready for monster truck show and to some of the kids it was just as exciting. The kids split up in groups, one group staying for the trail rides and others went to do other activities while they waited for their turn. It still amazes me to see a participant get themselves into a vehicle just

by using their arm strength. While some had to be transferred, others managed the task on their own. This camp is all about what they can do and they are amazing. They all enjoyed riding with the tops down and the wind blowing.


After the ride, each child and their counselor were given a 4xKids Day shirt thanks to our wonderful sponsors. The shirts were awesome and the kids and counselors really enjoyed them. Additional shirts were donated by Clarian Healthcare and the Bronco Graveyard. Those shirts will be worn by the campers during future camp crafts and activities.


When the rides were done, we all gathered in the air conditioned dining hall to fi\nish the day. Thanks to our sponsors; Scout Graphics, Indiana Commercial Interiors, UAW Local 588, Randy Brooks, 4WPPC, Hi-Lift Jack, Ruff Riders 4x4 Club, 4 Wheels to Freedom, Fat Boys Jeepers, Iron Horse 4x4, Hoosier Container, Meyer Distributing, ASPE Central Indiana Chapter, Clover Patch Inc., Milestone Contractors, MOJO Off Road, and Doty Graphics,

we were able to present two checks to The Riley Children’s Foundation. The first was a $600.00 check from IFWDA through our various fundraising activities, which they will put into a restricted account. The IFWDA delegates will decide what this will be spent on at Camp Riley, hopefully at our next quarterly meeting. The second was a $2000 donation for camperships which was made possible by the IFWDA 4XKids Day sponsors. Thanks to Scout

Graphics and all the sponsors, the donations collected for the t-shirt ad space went above and beyond. Also a big thanks to Scott Sperling for the time he spends planning and organizing this event year after year and for letting us all participate in such a wonderful day.


After the 4XKids Day finished up, several of the drivers headed

over to a cookout provided by MOJO Offroad. You missed out

on a great end to the day if you didn’t follow the line of vehicles

to the pig pen. This was a great time to relax and visit, not to

mention a wonderful meal. After several years of trying to find a

place to go and eat afterwards as a group without much luck, this

was a nice enjoyable change. A big hats off to the guys and gals

from MOJO for a job well done.


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