How did 4xKIDS JAM start?

Scott Sperling, Max Soliday are founding members of Fat Boys Jeepers.  In 2002, Fat Boys Jeepers started offering Jeep rides to campers at Camp Riley, Bradford Woods.  Every year the trail ride would create funds that were then donated to Camp Riley to offset operation expenses.  Beginning in 2009 the club decided to look into expanding our donations to Camp Riley.  Scott, Max and Ron Mattox  contacted Camp Riley to determine what type of brick and mortar investment might be desirable for the Camp.  It was decided that a Challenge course would be a great project.  Fat Boys Jeepers have pledged $75,000 towards the construction of a Challenge course at Camp Riley.  This pledge will be fulfilled in large part by the 4xKIDS JAM.  So that's it....we would like you to come and have a great off road weekend .... while helping our friends at Camp Riley.



When is 4xKIDS JAM?

Annual event, watch this website for specific dates.



What is 4xKIDS JAM?

4xKIDS Jam is a weekend for the Jeep off road enthusiast.  We have two days of guided trail rides, class 3 to 7.  4 meals, a Thursday evening reception, event tee shirt and sticker.  For those of you that are familiar to the Jeep Jamboree USA program.....our format is similar, but we have expanded trails and program.  All trails are on private property, so this is one of three times per year that these trails are open.



Who benefits from 4xKIDS JAM?

Two groups will see benefit from 4xKIDS JAM.  First and foremost are the Camp Riley campers.  The campers will receive a Challenge course that will tax their ability and build independence.  Instead of working with just a few campers each year, this course will be used by hundreds of campers each year, and with an endowment should last well over 30 years.  Where else can you have a great time an build an investment that will positively impact the lives of thousands of children?


The second group are the 4xKIDS JAM guest.  They will have a great time at the Jam, and will also be able to see their investment in the lives of these young people grow through the years.  



How can we donate to 4xKIDS to help build the Challenge Course?

This website was set up as a portal to tie 4xKIDS donations to the Riley Children's Foundation / Camp Riley.  By clicking the DONATE NOW button on the left margin, you can place a donation that will be included in the 4xKIDS pledge and help us meet our goal.