FAT BOYS JEEPERS has been a major sponsor of Camp Riley 4XKIDS Day since 2002.  This program was created by Scott Sperling and Max Soliday, and continues to grow year after year.


Camp Riley, created in 1955 in collaboration with Riley Hospital for Children and the Riley Children's Foundation, serves youth with physical and cognitive disabilities. Other programs for youth and adults at Bradford Woods seek to "lead the leaders" in providing inclusive action learning environments through Professional Development, Environmental Education, Conferences and Retreats, and Challenge Programs.  FAT BOYS JEEPERS get together for one day each June to take the entire camp and staff for an off road experience on the hills, valleys and forest of Bradford Woods.  


As part of this annual event, sponsors have been solicited to help create funds which have been used to pay for camperships in future years.  Since 2002 over $25,000.00 has been donated to Camp Riley via 4Kids Day.  But we think we can do more.with your help.


These one-time donations are great, but it does limit the number of lives that we can help on any given year.  We've been able to support one or two camperships each year..touching the lives of maybe 10 youths in a five year period.  What we would like to propose is a method to touch 100 or more lives each year.for the next 10, 20 or 30 years.


Scott Sperling and Ron Mattox visited with Camp Riley early in the spring of 2010 to discuss how to have more leverage in our donations.specifically how we might be able to help more youth with the money spent.  A Challenge course was discussed.  Challenge courses are made up of a series of structures or elements that are built in order to challenge participants physically, emotionally and mentally. These structures can be built close to the ground (low course) or stand high above the ground (high course), and are mostly constructed on trees, poles or metal structures.  


Below this article, there is a summary of what type projects are included in a Challenge course.  The cost to build such an activity area is approximately $60,000.00.    In addition, it we also discussed ways to fund maintenance for the area, so that it would continue to perform to expectations for years to come.  An endowment fund should be created, which would spin off interest each year to help pay for any needed maintenance the principal of the endowment funds is never spent.only the interest that is realized each year.


Our goal is to create approximately $75,000 in funds to create a Challenge course at Camp Riley by 2017.  Won’t you please consider helping us meet our goal?


We hold two major fund raisers each year.  The first is our annual 4xKIDS JAM held at French Lick, IN each May.  We invite over 100 Jeep enthusiasts from the 5 area states, to southern Indiana for a weekend of trail riding on private trails, while learning about Camp Riley.    The second event is the 4xKIDS Day at Camp Riley.  This is when we take campers on high adventure trail rides on the Bradford Woods property.


Please consider getting involved with 4xKIDS either as a participant or a donor.  You will be glad that you did!  This DONATE link will send you directly to the 4xKIDS page on the Riley Children's Foundation site.  


Please come back to visit this site from time to time....we will have illustrations of the Challenge Course as plans develop.